Setting up your Netlink ID

Your NetLink ID is your online identification at the University of Victoria. Your NetLink ID is different from the Continuing Studies ID that you may have used to register for your course.

How to create your NetLink ID

If you are creating a new NetLink ID, you will need your V Number (student number) from your registration receipt. If you do not know your V Number and cannot locate your registration receipt, or if you are unsure whether you already have a NetLink ID, please contact Continuing Studies Registration.

Create NetLink ID

If you have difficulty creating your NetLink ID or accessing your account, please contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Duo MFA is the multi-factor authentication used at UVic to ensure student records and accounts stay secure. All UVic students must enroll in Duo MFA to access their UVic accounts.

The first time you sign in with your Netlink ID, you will be redirected to enroll in Duo MFA. Follow the prompts to complete the setup. For detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots, view our DUO MFA set-up instructions  .

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