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Online learning

Get the education you want, from anywhere in the world, on a schedule that suits your life. 

When you learn online with Continuing Studies at UVic, you'll join our community of online learners. And if you're new to online learning, don't worry—you'll be supported by friendly staff and real-time services.

With four online delivery styles to suit different needs, our online learning environment is designed to fit YOUR schedule. So, you can relax. We got this! We'll help guide you along the way.

Benefits of online learning

Online learning is when you take courses online instead of in a physical classroom. If your schedule makes it hard to attend classes, if you prefer studying at your own pace or if you live far from campus, online learning might be for you. 

With online learning, you can: 

  • earn a certificate, diploma or micro-credential without setting foot in a physical classroom
  • continue to work full-time while you study
  • set your own schedule: study in the early morning, on your lunch break, or even in the middle of the night 
  • interact with students from across Canada and around the world 
  • get a quality education from the University of Victoria without leaving your home community
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How is online learning different from traditional learning?

In many ways, it’s not—online courses are just as educational and robust as their classroom counterparts. 

The biggest difference between online and face-to-face learning is that online students can study from anywhere. Tips for getting started with online learning.

In a classroom setting, both the instructors and the students have to be available in the same place at the same time. But online learning offers a variety of delivery styles that can offer more flexibility to learners. Learn more about the different online delivery styles that we offer.


Continuing Studies adopts Brightspace as new learning management system

In 2020, the university transitioned from Moodle to Brightspace as its new learning management system. The following year, the Division of Continuing Studies did the same and UVic Brightspace became the main hub for all online courses.


Why the transition?

As a part of the UVic community, Continuing Studies students benefit from resources like the UVic Library and Technology Integrated Learning. The move to Brightspace—a stable, modern learning management system—allowed for these supports and enhancements to continue.


Online learning quiz!

Want to know more about online learning? Take this quiz to find out what you can accomplish by taking courses online and learn about our different types of delivery styles. 

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Why should you choose Continuing Studies for your online learning?

As an online learner at UVic, you’ll be supported by friendly staff and real-time services to help you access your online course technologies and use the University Library online. 

Program staff provide you with directions on how to access your course(s) and where to buy course texts and other required materials.

The Online Help Desk is set up to support your use of all course tools and technologies.


Are you ready to start your online education?

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