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Academic integrity/cheating/plagiarism

Academic integrity is a cornerstone of our post-secondary institution. All learners are expected to follow the University of Victoria's academic regulations on standards of academic integrity.

Allegations of plagiarism and cheating will be dealt with according to the University's academic regulations. To avoid accusations of plagiarism (i.e. copying another person's work), all direct quotations and borrowed ideas used in an assignment must be properly acknowledged.

Read the Division of Continuing Studies policy on academic integrity for non-credit courses for full information.

Please note, if you are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate credit course, you will need to follow the policy for academic integrity related to credit studies, as the procedures are slightly different.

If you have any questions about appropriate ways to acknowledge other people's work, contact your instructor. The University has plenty of information and resources about academic integrity available online.

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Online behaviour policy

The University of Victoria is committed to promoting critical academic discourse while providing a respectful and productive learning environment. View online behaviour policy