Illustration of a student climbing a staircase paved by books.

Programs overview

Continuing Studies at UVic offers a wide range of programs that will meet your learning goals and open your professional or academic interests to a new perspective. In our programs you will learn the theory of the subjects, develop practical skills and earn the credentials you need for success. Learn from our experienced instructors, network with other students in your field (and sometimes from around the world) and pave your way to your future.

What is a program?

A program is an organized group of courses that work together to achieve a complete set of defined learning objectives and earn a credential.

Discover what Continuing Studies can offer you:

  • All programs – Browse through our diverse programs that cover topics for various interests and career fields.
  • Online programs – Take part in online learning for a more convenient and flexible study schedule.
  • Credit programs – Receive credit towards an undergraduate or graduate degree at UVic or another approved university.
  • Indigenous focused programs – In partnership with the En’owkin Centre, our programs provide students with skills for work in Indigenous communities and hands on experience with traditional practices.
  • International programs – A strong built global community where international students can share their cultural perspectives and learn from others.
  • English as an Additional Language programs – For students interested in further developing communication skills and knowledge of the English language.