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Credit programs

Continuing Studies at UVic offers credit and non-credit programs available for both undergraduate and graduate students. A credit program or course means you may receive credit towards your degree at UVic or another approved university. Check the program page for more information.

Visit our credit vs non-credit page for more information about the difference between credit and non-credit programming at the Division of Continuing Studies.


American Sign Language Face to face Certificate
Canadian Studies Blended Diploma
Collections Management Blended, Online Professional Specialization Certificate
Cultural Resource Management Blended, Online Diploma
Indigenous Language Documentation Online Micro-certificate
Indigenous Language Revitalization Face to face, Online Certificate
Intercultural Studies and Practice Face to face Diploma
Professional Communication in the Workplace Online Micro-certificate
Restoration of Natural Systems – Diploma Blended Diploma
Social Justice Studies Face to face Diploma
Transformative Climate Action Face to face, Online Certificate
Visitor and Community Engagement Blended, Online Professional Specialization Certificate