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In response to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the new Micro-certificate in Tourism Sustainability is launching with Continuing Studies at UVic. The program aims to prepare learners with the tools and knowledge to navigate environmental challenges and causes.

For those looking to elevate their professional experience, this micro-certificate is designed to foster an understanding of sustainability and enhance the skills of individuals currently employed—or aspiring to start a career—in the tourism sector.

The course topics are diverse and explore the fundamentals of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, climate change mitigation and adaptation within a tourism context. Participants also have the unique opportunity to apply what they learn to their own workplace and develop practical, real-world solutions.

From global thinkers to passionate environmentalists, this short, online program is six to eight weeks long and welcomes learners across British Columbia and beyond. Help strengthen the sector’s resiliency, conserve our natural environment and empower the industry to take the necessary steps for climate adaptation in this exciting new offer.

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  • Posted March 5, 2024

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