RNS studentMountain biking is a popular recreational activity that can disturb wildlife habitats and cause soil compaction, so it’s nice to know that cycling associations are in the forefront of restoration. For his final RNS diploma program project, Todd Redding restored a section of mountain bike trail in the Three Blind Mice trail network near Penticton, BC. Redding planned and undertook the restoration of the trail with the support of the Penticton Area Cycling Association. To put the plan into practice, riding had to be discouraged on the trail segment, erosion was then reduced and a vegetation cover established.

The restoration project assists the cycling club in meeting their environmental goals as part of the trail network management agreement with the City of Penticton and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources. The restoration project will also be used as a field trip for students studying Environmental Science at Okanagan College in Penticton. The students will combine learning about the local ecosystems with discussion of the restoration and introduction to simple monitoring techniques.

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  • Posted July 4, 2018