Student support

The Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) has a Student Support Coordinator who provides non-academic support and resources related to being a student at Continuing Studies at UVic.

Dana Clavette (CCC) is a Certified Canadian Counsellor who can provide mental health support (grief, stress, anxiety, culture-shock etc.) and assistance with being a student in Victoria. Dana can provide support and resources for childcare, housing, accommodations (academic, physical), medical insurance inquiries, volunteer roles, and more. She has worked within the DCS since 2010 and has gained experience working with mental health and culture shock through her own travels and work overseas. You can keep an eye out for the mental health workshops that Dana will be facilitating.

Dana Clavette
Dana Clavette, Student Support Coordinator


To make an in-person, online, or phone Student Support appointment:

  • You can make an appointment to meet in-person, online, or by phone through the following online booking web site:
  • To book an appointment, please click on the 'Students log in here' button and create an account. You will then be able to view the schedule and select a time. 
  • On your appointment day: visit the Continuing Studies Building Registration Office (room 240) and check in with the Student Services Team.
  • You can also stop by the Continuing Studies Building Registration Office (room 240) to see if Dana is available for a drop-in appointment.

Book an appointment QR code

By email 

Emailing is another great way to connect with Dana. You can email Dana any questions or concerns that you might have, without needing to make an appointment first. She can provide resources and feedback to your questions. 


Student support resources

Most students seek rental housing, which can be found using UVic’s off-campus housing resource page, or on local Victoria websites such as:

You can also find Housing Groups on Facebook (Victoria Community Housing Network/Victoria, BC Affordable Housing Network//Victoria Rentals (BC, Canada).

If you need temporary housing in a Hostel when you arrive Ocean Island is a popular one.

If your program includes Homestay or dormitories, more information can been seen on our page on accommodations

Learn more about medical insurance for Continuing Studies students. 

Mobile Doctor is a mobile app available through your insurance plan and is the best way to connect with a doctor for non-emergency medical issues. Learn more about Mobile Doctor

If you need to see a doctor in person, you can find the clinics and wait times available at

Dana is available to assist with any counselling needs for all Continuing Studies students. You can book an appointment with Dana, the Student Support Coordinator at Students with insurance also have extra counselling coverage available for psychotherapy and psychiatric hospitalization.

Here are some resources that may be helpful in finding daycare in Victoria.   

Students in non-credit programs are welcome to join for workshops and cafes. The workshops are offered in Zoom and the cafes in-person.

Visit UVic’s Academic Writing/Learning Strategies Centre for more details. 

At Continuing Studies at UVic, we want to support all of our students towards achieving success. Sometimes this means providing academic accommodations to reduce barriers and provide different ways of meeting essential course or program requirements. Of course, fulfilling these requirements remains the responsibility of learners, but there are things that we can do to help.

Learners with long-term or chronic medical issues and learners with disabilities are encouraged to contact our student support coordinator at or as early as possible to see how we can best support their learning. 

Barrier examples: Accommodations examples:
Mobility challenges Classes in accessible locations; classroom set up to accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, etc. 
Visual impairment (low vision/blind) Larger print format; text-to-speech software; handouts in braille; international students may need to bring their own guide.
Learning disability, ADHD Writing time extensions; alternate assessments; distraction reduced exam environments
Deaf or hard of hearing Instructors use a microphone; enable caption settings in video materials
Chronic pain  Extension for assignments; permission to take regular breaks in class or stand up when needed
Anxiety Permission to take breaks when needed; alternate assessments or activities; extension on deadlines