System requirements

Recommended system requirements

To access your course site, you will need a computer running Windows or macOS and:

  • a reliable connection to the internet,
  • speakers (or headset),
  • a recommended web browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled, and
  • pop-up blockers disabled.

If your course includes online videoconferencing, you will also need: 

  • a webcam with microphone (preferably a headset with a boom microphone) for video conferencing / virtual classroom (e.g. Zoom)

Please view the Minimum technology requirements for UVic students for more details on system requirements. 

Recommended browsers

  For Windows computers:

  • Google Chrome: latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest version
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium): latest version

  For macOS computers:

  • Mozilla Firefox: latest version
  • Google Chrome: latest version
  • Safari: latest version

Mobile devices

You can access your course content using a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. However, not all required course features are available on these devices. To fully function in your online courses, you will need to have access to a computer running Windows or macOS.

Additional international information

  • Generally, for international internet access while in China, China Telecom is recommended for south China, China Unicom for the north, and China Mobile for central/eastern China
  • No pocket/portable WiFi
  • No free WiFi, e.g. city, café, etc.
  • No use of data/SIM card
  • Fibre optic cable preferred, e.g. NTT Docomo fibre optic, NTT FLET’s fibre optic, au fiber optic, and SoftBank fiber optic
    No pocket/portable WiFi
  • No free WiFi, e.g. city, café, etc.
  • No use of data/SIM car


Need technical assistance?

If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact the Computer Help Desk. Please note that support for devices that do not meet the minimum technical requirements is on a best-efforts basis only and we may be unable to support a given device in an online learning environment.


  • Email:
  • Telephone: 250-721-7687 (Toll Free North America: 1-844-721-7687)

For more information, including the current hours of operation, please refer to the Computer Help Desk.